Hello Ladies and Gents
They say that regardless of her global fame, both in the real world and online, Oprah still journalizes – writing longhand in a certainly much treasured journal. While I am trying to continue a personal tradition in a similar fashion (one that started on a sick day from school at the age of twelve), it’s a bit of a challenge when you work an average of 50 hrs/wk, are usually producing / performing in a cabaret on Sundays, performing Off Broadway every Saturday, and catching enough episodes of “Glee” or similar shows that keep you on the beat of pop culture. But as the old adage expresses, a picture says a thousand words, and I will never cease to carry my Lumix camera every day when I live/work in a city like New York and call Jersey City my home (yes that’s New Jersey folks, but the obviously glamorous side).

I invite you to chime in, stay a while, chat get a glass of wine. And like a visit to my home, I promise to provide good conversation, a good laugh, and perhaps a glass of wine

The photo above was taken on West 44th St. as I was heading West towards The Irish Rogue Pub, to join my friend Craig’s birthday bash. My Facebook comment was something like “Serenity over New York” …identifying the moon as the sole representative of serenity over what we clearly know as the most beloved and attended chaos called Times Square.

I love New York City for putting a much needed fire under my ass as a theatre hopeful upon moving from San Francisco on June 1st 1998. I love New Jersey for its lack of pretense and real estate sensibility, where I also now happily own my piece of the sky (and what a sky it is especially at sunset). I love San Francisco for being the cradle in which I gained lifelong friends, where I had lain and honed my craft of singing, dancing and acting. I love Manila, Philippines for its dietary dangers, its sense of family, and tight knit Filipino-Chinese community which I consider to be home, as much as the Yankees.

What places do you call home?